43 Faith-Based Publications That Pay Freelance Writers

Do you view the world through a spiritual lens? Are you fascinated by the intersection of religion and politics?

Religious and spiritual writing runs a wide gamut from hard news reporting to lifestyle pieces for particular faith-based demographics.

Whether you’re interested in writing specifically on religious topics or looking for audiences who understand where you’re coming from, these 43 publications are a good place to start.

The list includes websites, literary journals and magazines from a variety of spiritual perspectives, and best of all? They pay their writers.

New to freelancing? Make sure you know the basics about who and how to pitch before you reach out to a publication.

1. First Things

Published by the Institute on Religion and Public Life, First Things is a conservative and heady publication which offers predominantly Christian and Jewish perspectives. It accepts opinion pieces, featured articles and book reviews in print and online. According to the submission guidelines, it offers an honorarium for writers.

2. The Forward

The Forward offers political and cultural coverage for topics relevant to the American Jewish community. According to its contributors page, “Fees differ depending on the intended medium, section and the work in question.”

3. America

This is a Jesuit-run publication with a Roman Catholic audience. It publishes reported pieces, personal essays and poetry on politics, faith, arts and culture with a religious or moral angle. PerWriter’s Market, it pays competitive rates.


Tricycle is an impressive quarterly magazine which explores various types of Buddhist ideas. It also pays for quality online content. Payments start at $100 for posts and $200 for reviews, according to an editor.

5. Guideposts

Guideposts is most known for its inspirational personal stories of how individuals “overcame obstacles, rose above failures, handled sorrow, gained new spiritual insight, and became more effective people through faith in God.” The monthly magazine also offers lifestyle posts, on anything from recipes to parenting tips. Pays $100-500 per piece.

6. Christian Century

Christian Century is a bi-weekly print magazine covering topics relevant to progressive Protestants. It will take articles and poetry. Pays $100-300 for unsolicited articles and $50 per poem.

7. Azizah Magazine

A quarterly print magazine for Muslim women, Azizah covering stories of inspirational women, lifestyle issues from money to food and faith reflections. It pays competitive rates.

8. Hope for Women

This bimonthly lifestyle magazine targets Christian women. Think of it as a spiritual version of Redbook or Woman’s Day. Pays 10 to 20 cents per word.

9. Image Journal

Image is a beautiful print literary journal showcasing writing and art that’s not necessarily religious in topic, but faith-informed. It takes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Pays $10 per page for nonfiction and fiction and $2 per line for poetry.

10. Relevant Magazine

A bimonthly lifestyle magazine for Christians in their 20s and 30s. Relevant calls itself progressive, but it’s still theologically conservative and targets an Evangelical audience. Relevant does not pay for web articles, but it does for pieces in the print magazine.


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