How to Use BookBub to Get on The Amazon Bestsellers List

In January, 2017, I gave away 60,301 books on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Kobo combined. And that’s just for one title.

I nearly died of excitement. Not only did it mean 60K people were willing to take a chance on my book, but it meant exposure, sales and several other big wins for a tiny little author like me.

How’d I do it? It took blood, sweat, tears and a little luck.

A look into my marketing strategy

To understand my marketing strategy, we have to rewind about a year.

Around March 2016, I decided to make the first book in my series, Fire in Frost, permafree.

Permafree is a term that simply means the book is always free or “permanently free.”

Though I don’t make any money on downloads of book one, the idea is to capture readers’ attention so they’ll hopefully buy the next books in the series. At that time, I had the first and second books out, and the third was almost ready.

Fast-forward to December 2016. I submitted my free book to BookBub for consideration, and I couldn’t believe it when I got the email saying they accepted my book for a feature and were planning to run my ad on January 4, 2017. This was the tenth time I’d submitted to them for that same book. (And you can only apply once a month.)

What is BookBub?

If you’re not familiar with BookBub, it’s the holy grail of ads for fiction authors.

BookBub is what made all the difference in this promotion. If you hang out with other writers long enough, you’ll discover that BookBub is THE place to advertise your books if you can.

How it works is that BookBub sends out newsletters to thousands of readers each day. You pay to get your book featured in their newsletters. The price varies depending on the price point of your book and which newsletter you want to be featured in.

They’re willing to consider permanently free books, but in general, they’re looking for book deals that are deeply discounted.

How to get a BookBub feature

While BookBub is incredibly effective for authors, it is extremely hard to get your book accepted.

I tried 10 times with my free book before finally getting accepted. I recently had another author friend say she tried 18 times before getting accepted.

That said, there are a couple of things you can do to increase your odds of having them feature your book. Here are just my suggestions:

  • Make it the best deal you can. BookBub wants to give their readers the best deals, so try to offer your book free (if it’s the first in the series) or for $0.99. They usually won’t feature anything above $2.99, and they’re unlikely to feature your book at that price point if it’s always priced there.
  • Try with the first book in a series. BookBub seems to like first in the series because (as I understand it) they will make money off affiliate sales of your other books if their readers buy the rest of the series.
  • Make your book available on all platforms and in all territories. BookBub wants deals that appeal to all their readers. Although they sometimes feature books that are exclusive to Amazon, you typically have a better chance if your book is available on all platforms (Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play) and if the deal is available in all territories (US, UK, Australia, India, and Canada).
  • Have an amazing cover. Believe it or not, readers really do judge books by their covers, and so do the people over at BookBub. If you have a less than great cover, it’s worth considering a redesign, not just for BookBub but because it will help in all your promos.
  • Finish your series. BookBub finally accepted my deal once the entire series was available for sale on all platforms. This isn’t a guarantee that they’ll accept your book, but it helps because readers don’t want to wait around for the next one, so it makes your deal more appealing.
  • Gather reviews. BookBub doesn’t have a minimum amount of reviews they require, but more reviews give the impression that your book is more popular. It also gives BookBub’s editors an idea of how readers will respond to your book. You can gather reviews by including a call to action at the end of your book, giving away free copies, or encouraging reviews from people who’ve already read the book.
  • Talk up your book. BookBub features a comment section when you submit your deal. Use it to talk up your book. Mention if it’s won any awards or what editorial reviewers or big-name authors have said about it. I mentioned that my series had over 200 5-star reviews on Goodreads (at the time).
  • Be flexible. BookBub is in such high demand that if you need a certain date, they might already have it full. Instead, consider planning your promotion around them. They’ll ask you if your date is flexible or not. Be open to anything, and it will increase your chances of getting a feature.
  • Keep submitting. Submit as often as you can, and don’t give up!

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